Haley the Comics Enthusiast


Haley is your standard eccentric do it all type of person. They work with flowers, is a second degree black belt, an activist, cartoonist, painter, false extrovert, dog lover, jack of all trades, coffee addicted, forest dweller, and city goer. Haley’s mom likes to tell them that they’re opinionated, but they just think they’re being honest. They identify as non-binary (prefers they/them pronouns) and they make comics with a strong personal narrative backing them. Often the stories they write are true experiences or they represent real emotions. Some are funny, some are sad, some are happy, but Haley’s true goal is to connect with and move people. Their illustrations and prints are also centered around a similar atmosphere of emotional narration. The process of making art stimulates them the most and they bring every ounce of effort into what they make. They also think it is a bit weird to be referring to themself in the third person.

Chicago, IL