Available at Quimby’s Bookstore and Uncharted Books in Chicago, IL


Newest Release: Gay Shit in the Woods

(NSFW 18+) My latest comic zine. A folded up and sleeved zine that features two femmes getting it on (consensually and enthusiastically) in the woods. Read it here.



A true story that is weird and funny and you just have to read it. No, I do not believe in conspiracy theories… I promise… Read it here.


Have You Ever Listened to a Garden Grow?

My Grandma read this one and asked me “Haley, What makes you have such sad thoughts?” Anyways… I hope you enjoy. Read it here.



If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of thoughts just randomly intrude on a day to day, but then its pretty. In print, it is accordion folded. Closed it is 2in x 3in, and open it is 2in x 48in. Read it here.


Don’t Pop Your Pimples

A mini comic about that horrible, horrible urge to excavate your face. Read it here.